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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I have debs I can never repay.

I have debs I can never repay. I start with three.
First of all, being born in this country. Well over a million of my brothers and sisters have died so we might enjoy the unique freedoms we have today. At least another half million have suffered gravely after combat was over.
Moreover, 12 of the 13 colonies arrived here, crossing oceans in sailing vessels to find religious freedom. Our forefathers endured much hardship to give their children a better life. I am enormously indebted to these many who have passed on.
Secondly, my birth itself did not have to happen. MY parents made love on a particular night and I was conceived. Over ten billion timely replications' of that first fertile egg later, I arrived into this world. Then I needed 18 years of caring to arrive at adulthood. Who can estimate the costs of parenting? I have had about 10,000 grandmothers from the beginnings of our human race.
Thirdly, I am graced with the gift of faith which I could not reason to or deserve. The blessings of this gift are immeasurable, shaping my life beyond expectation. Through faith, I have survived great setbacks. I can never be grateful enough for this gift and must honor it daily by both prayer and action.

Much more, many debts: wife, , family, friends, mentors, opportunities, others shaping influence.

I can never give enough back. Noblesse Oblige.
"To whom much is given, much is expected."
To live with a grateful heart is the secret of happiness.



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