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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Irony of the Trump Phenomenon: Laugh, cry, pray or worry?

The Republican party, Fox News and the Rigid Right created and has empowered the Trump phenomena. Due to their intransigence, it appears he may arrive at the Republican convention with most delegates and most votes. This former Democrat and liberal appears to be the worst nightmare of the mainstream GOP.  They will face a  nightmare at their convention: If they do not nominate Trump, he  is likely to run as an Independent and channel the enormous resentment against professional  politicians of both parties, helped by Congressional grid-lock begun by Republicans. Partisan politics of the Republicans have created their own worst nightmare. Supreme Irony.

The GOP decided to undermine President Obama before his first day in office, with McConnell declaring their prime mission being to deny him a second term.  Even now, they refuse to vote on candidates for judicial positions already approved.  Washington grid-lock  is due primarily to the Republicans in Congress.
Fox News, supported and helped create the radical right we now known as the Team Party. Fox News gave Trump much TV publicity on his claim that the President was not an American by birth, now called the birthing issue. A percentage of Republicans today believe President Obama is not legitimate.
Therefore the vast fear and distrust that the candidacy of Trump is capitalizing on was created in fact manly by two sources: GOP planning to undermine President Obama and Fox News. Both of these energies also energized a more radical form of republicanism.

Now that the candidacy of Donald Trump threatens, buy its energy, to blow apart not only the Republican Convention, but the party itself, what an irony. I say to all my Republican friends: "for shame, you brought Trump on yourselves by your animosity toward President Obama, by seven years of mean foot-dragging in Congress.

Unfortunately, if we end up electing him, many other will be hurt. The bullying that has become part of his brand is dangerous in the most powerful office in the world. .