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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Lord is not finished with me yet... a philosophy

The Lord is not finished with me yet philosophy.
The more I survive by luck, pluck and grace, the more I am obliged to keep giving back, to paying it forward, for many blessings received, chief of which is being born in this country. "Noblesse Oblige"

Today we can live 30 years beyond retirement, time enough for 2 or 3 encore careers. Mine have been 1) promoting interfaith understanding (including weddings), 2) Spellbinder storytelling in scores of schools, and 3) using my VA training for blind Veterans to create a bookshelf on wellness, resilience and spirituality.

Lottie Mae, The Turkey Who Could Not Stop Dreaming is my latest, and according to early readers, my best. Consider giving it as a gift to your favorite niece, nephew, grandkid, friend, teacher, library, school or adult agency for special needs. Ebook version due soon.  Discount available for multiple copies.


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