Celtic Spirituality in Kentucky

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Announcement, Invitation, Celtic Spirituality, Lexington, Ky event, Apr 28-30

Dr. J. Philip Newell
Conference on Celtic Spirituality
Weekend of April 28 - 30. 2006
Lexington. Kentucky

Lexington Hosts:
Christ Church Cathedral
Presbytery of Transylvania
First Presbyterian Church

"Listening for the Heartbeat of God". This is a broad view of Celtic
Christianity. It will be held in the sanctuary of Christ Church Cathedral,
166 Market Street, Lexington. It will be followed by coffee and a book signing.

Dr. Newell will be Guest Preacher at the First Presbyterian Church,
161 Market S1. Lexington, Ky.,in the Chapel."Made in the Image of God."
(Genesis 1:26-31; John 1:1-9)

Dr. J. Philip Newell is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and writer, and a leader in reviving interest in the Celtic tradition. His doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh was in Scottish Spirituality. Former Warden of Ion a Abbey in Scotland, and Scholar in Spirituality at St. Giles Cathedral,Dr. Newell is currently writer- theologian for the Cathedral of the Isles on Cumbrae. He is a Church of Scotland minister with a breadth of ecumenical experience.
His best selling book titles include:

BOOKS Listening for the Heartbeat of God. Celti Benediction. Echo of the Soul.

SPONSORS: Christ Church Cathedral, Presbytery of Transylvania, First Presbyterian Church, Lexington Theological Seminary, Beaumont Presbyterian Church, The Presbyterian Church of Danville, Central Christian Church, Somerset Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, The Celtic Christian Church (Dr. Paschal Baute).

Love, in the Celtic View

In the Celtic view, the mystery of God is found everywhere, in nature, in humans, in love and family, relationships and connectedness, community and stories. The Passionate heart is revered.

When lovers gaze at each other, they are discovering the delight that God takes in us, through loving. The basic force in the Universe is Relational Aliveness or Love. When we are in loving, within loving, we are soaked and surrounded by that Mystery.

In Celtic spirituality we have not simply seven sacraments, but every thing is sacramental, every moment is a holy moment capable of being transcended by loving, The Ultimate is “hidden” , a thin veil. We walk in Mystery and live in Mystery.

“Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth, how can we keep from singing? “ - Hymn.