Celtic Spirituality in Kentucky

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is Celtic Spirituality to me?

Celtic Charisma. 6/20. 2010
Ten Values in a Celtic Spirituality. Draft 3.0

1. Jesus of the Gospels, his life and teaching, is the source, model and measure for my faith journey, with study and meditation upon the meaning of scripture.

2. Faith is the “pearl of Great Price.” Faith is an extraordinary supernatural gift, unearned, undeserved and unlearned. Because it is a gift to be honor by loving service, one cannot judge another’s gift by one’s own gift. It is the utter giftedness of faith with our summons to honor the diversity of gifts among us that is the foundation of our membership in an inclusive, universal community of faith. Jesus never said, “You are saved because your faith is like mine.” He said merely, “Your faith has saved you.”

3. The Presence of this mystery we call God is to be found everywhere, in nature, in all people. And particularly in family. Family is the primary context for receiving, honoring and nurturing Grace. Family is where we risk ourselves and our hearts most in love and where we are most vulnerable, most challenged and most rewarded.

4. Relationships, nature and all that happens is sacramental, occasions of grace. “Difficulty is a threshold of possibility and spiritual growth.” We are already inside the Mystery of Love, spiritual beings trying to learn how to be human. Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous so we can live by faith, with hope and love.

5. Humans are animals who tell stories. Storytelling is the great vehicle and agent of culture, identity, civilization, survival, and transformation. We are a storied people. To be a storyteller is to step into the great shamanic tradition of healing and finding ways to defeat the monsters and dark forces both outside and inside.

6. Power is from the people, from shared and mutual consent. The principle of subsidiarity means that each entity as its primary level is the best equipped to deal with its own challenges. Only when it cannot or will not do so, does the next level of authority intervene. Catholic laity have rights, to be heard, considered and consulted in the conduct of their faith communities.

7. Maximum ferment among local faith communities is encouraged and nurtured. The guiding principle here is chaordic, a harmonious blend of chaos and order, with freedom to innovate, emerging forms of membership and leadership. (See websites re chaordic) Bishop Joe’s concept of bishop in Celtic tradition as “Soul friend”” fits well here. (See CCC website)

8. Strangers are just new friends we have not met yet, brothers and sisters from somewhere else. Welcoming the stranger in the traveler, the outsider, the least last, etc. is a primary characteristic of a Celtic spirituality. St. Benedict believed that Christ could be found in the stranger at the gate of the monastery or even in the youngest member of the community. Celtic listening respects the Mystery always present and affirms even when there are differences.

9. We are born beautiful but incomplete, flawed human beings, selfish and self-seeking, We do not achieve the fullness of maturity and wellness without the Divine Grace of Faith and loving service. We are programmed to believe because belief gives us a “leg up.”

10. We are the reason our parents and their parents lived. They crossed oceans mountains and continents, fought battles and wars for peace, risked life and limb with blood, sweat and tears, making ends meet day after day, that we, their children, might have a better life. We are the gift of life and love from all our ancestors. Our debt to our ancestors is to pass on this gift of love, to make a difference and to help heal our communities. Noblesse Oblige. Tikkun Olam.

11. Etc. This may be added to or edited. God’s work with me is not finished and his revelation tot he world continues.

My ministries.

Privileged to serve:

Co-facilitator of the Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky, meeting weekly in my home to share the spiritual journey, now for 20 years since 1989, with 7 days of recollection and 4 retreats yearly. We have offered six community wide conferences at the Catholic Newman Center, the last a Christian Muslim dialogue.

Wedding ministry in which a spiritual presence is offered to the general public in a beautiful outdoor wedding chapel we have taken some 30 years to create. Pictures on my home web page www.paschalbaute.com

A storytelling ministry, member of the Lexington Spellbinder chapter, offering folk fairy tales to public school elementary children and some adults, last year to some3,000 children in seven schools.

A prison rehab ministry started in 2003, now with 9 volunteers, and a transitin program in its 7th year. Structured program, workbook of some 50 pages. I still participate regularly. Fr. Paschal was recognized as Volunteer of the Year in 2008.

Teaching adult classes, Human Resource Management, the Power of Story, Habits of a Happy and Healthy Heart via several colleges and universities.

Bridge building in writing, some 15 subject blogs at my web site.
Articles on Forgiveness, the Value of Being Marginal and what is a psychologically Healthy Religion have been widely quoted.

MY vision would include a worshiping faith community guided by Celtic spirituality with regular Eucharist. I am awaiting the leading of the Spirit in this.