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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2. Who Speaks for God?

2. Who Speaks for God?
Each faith  journey is unique as every brain is unique.
To tell another what they should believe is not from this mystery we call God. It arises only from an idolatry of one's own belief, the view that others must believe  the same.
Idolatry in religion, particularly in organized religion is common. We have creeds, cods and cult or prescribed ways of worship which must be observed., honored and followed by "true" believers.
When the Nicene Creed was developed on orders from the Emperor, bishops and priests became organizational functionaries to preach Orthodoxy.
This is the moment that burning of synagogues began, with burning of  pagan libraries and persecution of other Christians exploded. An estimated 25,000 Christians were killed by other Christians in the next few centuries. This persecution culminated in the expulsion of the Greek Orthodox, the long Inquisition, and the religious wars of Europe, and continues today.
Orthodoxy decaled the four trust of Jesus would prevail: "born of a virgin, suffered, died and rose again. No longer was the message and truth of Jesus' actual life need study and imitation. The value of the personal spiritual journey was aborted.,. except for monks and dedicated begins and mystics.
Lesson: No one can tell another what or how to believe. Unless the faith journey is personal, it cannot be authentic, discovered and owned from inside out. Orthodoxy is the most subtle and hidden of all heresies because it too easily subverts the personal spiritual journey. "Just believe this and you are save ed."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Who Speaks for God?

Who speaks for God?
Scripture is designed to inspire us to live lovingly, with mercy, forgiveness, resilience and compassion, no  matter the setbacks and suffering. .
Scripture is NOT given us to judge others.  Jesus warned of this temptation at least three times.
The only universal truth for everyone is that there is "that of God" in each of us.  Period. No one is entitled to judge the religious path of another. Twelve of our original 13 colonies endured much hardship to establish this freedom.
Anything else is the use of God against others, which is the sad and tragic history of all organized religion.  It is also evil and supportive of the dark side, harming the beloved community among us.
Christians used scripture to justify the abomination of slavery for 19 centuries.
The main source of violence in the world today is the use of belief in God, concepts from scripture, against other humans.
Rev. Dr. Paschal Baute, Amazing Grace Chapek, Celtic Christian Chuirch, Lexington, Ky

Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay marriage is no threat to traditional marriage.

Gay marriage is no threat to traditional marriage. The threat is easy divorce, a) an unwillingness to stay the course "for better or for worse," and, b) the lack of skills for maintaining intimacy.
One half of all first marriages lasts only 8 years. Second marriages last no longer. 40% of our children are born to unwed mothers. Only one in 5 marriages lasts 35 years.
The hidden epidemic in our country is the lack of a) determination and b) skills needed to sustain intimacy. See my book: Secrets of Intimacy